Little 6 year old Elmo Twiddler is in an absolute panic. He writes Dear Mr. Hughbert: I am studying time. How to tell time. What time means. Where time goes when it passes. Years. Decades. Centhughries. And even Milleniums. BUTTTTTTT I don’t know what a FISCAL year is. WHAT IS A FISCAL YEAR? I must know NOW. Please…(I’ve got to go to bed shortly, so please hurry Mr. Hugh)


From Non-Rushing Hughy


Elmo…You should have been in the bed two point 4 hours ago. What are you still doing up at this hour? !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds like you are certainly involved in some timely knowledge acquisition. My mother was so proud of me when I learned to tell time. (I was 15) ….But that’s beside the point.


Now look kiddo…………The “FISCAL YEAR BIT”…….Is not something you really need to worry about. It’s been dealt with and really is no longer a problem really.


But , Since you asked, and , since I know,………….I’ll tell you.


The “Fiscals” were a Mongol Tribe of folks back in the 1200 BC range…….They absolutely refused to wear watches. All they would have was SUN DIALS.

That seemed like a perty good idea since there were less moving parts and the screwdriver hadn’t been invented yet. The problem lies in the simple fact that , once it gets dark..(or real cloudy)..Nobobdy has a clue what time it is…..(Yes I know I typed “Nobobdy”..calm down out there)….

So it wasn’t long till the FISCALS had no idea what day it was..what time it was or what month it was……So frankly, the whole situation was bleak.



Finally a group of disoriented FISCAL TRIBAL dental hygeinists, tired of people showing up at the wrong time…..Decide to make up a calendar and START ALL OVER keeping up with time. The first grouping of Eleven months and a few days was reffferrred to as a Fiscal Year.


Truth is stranger than Friction.



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