Hi folks!,

Thanks for checkin’ out my Blog!

My name is Hugh. I’m 54. I Live out in the country….and have grown children and one grandchild!

I spent most of my working life doing automotive body repair and painting. That ain’t the best thing for a feller’s health…..Now I have embarked on something totally different!……. Pursuing humor-blogging and also working at becoming a professional musician…and songwriter.

For many years I enjoyed playing guitar and banjo. Rarely, I would do some entertaining at small events …But I did not consistently use whatever opportunities the Good Lord had granted to me . I basically hid whatever talents God had given me, because of hesitance, reticence and recalcitrance. (Well, yes, you could call it FEAR. But let’s knot do that.)

My wife encouraged me. Friends encouraged me.  A good friend gave me a wonderful Martin HD-35 guitar …and that encouraged me.

I was blessed, through acquaintance with that friend and his profound kindness, to have the opporthughnity to record a private musical project with a man who was once voted by Billboard magazine to be “the Top Record Producer in the World”. …that encouraged me. I could not understand why he would ask me do do such a thing……but I am grateful for the “push” that gave me to get out of my shell.

I began to play more and write and record a lot of music. And began to get out and “move around” more.

Sometime later I discovered FaceBook and started using my proclivity toward hughmor in a format I call “Hugh’s Answering Service” …………………………..and some of my FB friends encouraged me. I have become convinced that it is worth a serious try in the blogging arena.

An odd (CLEAN) sense of hughmor has always been a part of my daily existence. Don’t know when it started or where it will end .!!!!! But I’m ready to attempt the BLOGGING THING!…………..

Thanks so much for checking it out…..Please share it with your friends. At the time of this writing, AUTOMATIC  DELIVERY  to a KINDLE is available by monthly subscription at the Kindle Store for 99cents  per month (with a 14 day free trial period). But it’s FREE to look at it here on the internet…..

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