Here at Hugh’s Answering Service any contributions or ideas that are posted or shared in any way become part  of the ongoing  H.A.S. “literary project”……And who knows what I may do with it……..?

Contributors, posters, commenters ….and folks who write stuff on here…… shall not receive any compensation in any way for anything that arises from such contributions either now, later…or even in the past… any means electronic, printed,  digital, carved in cave walls, smoke signals, sky-writing …….or hollerin over the fence…..or by any communication means or technique that arises later at any place on earth or in the Universe in perpetuity.

A simpler way of sayin it would be Thank you SO MUCH for your participation…..but if I do or don’t make money off the  blog,…I’m not gonna try to pay folks for contributions to it. I’ve always felt like it’s good to deal with stuff like this up front. Thanks so much for understanding.

Solomon said “there is nothing new under the sun”…..Virtually everything comes from somewhere else…and who nose where that is? I get inspiration from all kinds of things, comments, signs, FaceBook, ads, radio, online, stuff my wife says, stuff my dachshunds do …and just from the fact that I’m odd and “crazy as  Bessie Bug”. I put all that together here at H.A.S…..

The music you can listen to here at H.A.S. is either written and recorded by me.with copyrights are owned by my Publishing Company**  …Or are in the public Domain and were recorded by me……..(**My publishing company is with ASCAP and is called “Out Run the Rain”  Publishing. All rights reserved.)

I think that covers it.  But it probably doesn’t. If members of the US Supreme Court often don’t agree on the language and meaning of laws written by folks who went to fancy schools for YEARS,…………What are the odds of me getting this right?

ALSO: If you have actual, real, questions or comments, complaints or suggestions about stuff that matters…..Email me at

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