“Bear” Lee Thinkinge Jr. from under a collapsed wedding cake at a bakery in Gobblers Knob South Carolina writes….Deer Hugh: I understand that you begin to give medical advice several months ago….along with the financial advice and marital counseling and dietary instruction and political guidance and seemingly endless insights into ornothological issues and Tuba repair techniques….Is there anything that you (and your staph there at the SERVICE) will admit not knowing “squat” about?


From Frustrated Hughy


Howdy Lee……………….. As I’m sure you recognize now, you ENDED YOUR QUESTION WITH A PREPOSITION…!!!!!!! Which , as I’m sure you recognize now, is a serious infarction here at Hugh’s Answering Service. You are on probation buster!!!!!! (I’m sure you recognize that now.)


Now, where was I,…… ? Oh yes, now I remember………..I have spokened to my staff regarding your question, and asked each of them to write down several pages about stuff they know nothing about.


Giving detailed instructions about subjects that we know knothing about is no problem anyhow. I learned decades ago, from watching varous national political figures, that it is not necessary to know much about what you’er talking about when you talk to folks about stuff that they ask about. ((Noing what they are talking about might lead to actually having to do something that makes scents…And we certainly can’t have that.))


Once my readers find out that I don’t really know much at all, (once they get outside the tens of thousands of topics that I’m the worlds leading expurt on)…..I may loose there reespekt. Eye  jist can’t bee an eckspurt own spellleeng…. an everthang else two!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watt dew ewe peeps won’t frum mee?



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