Before entering the world of  “Hugh’s Answering Service”

there are several things to know.



Most of the “questions” do not come from real people. …and they are intended ONLY for entertainment porpoises….

Use only as directed. Void wear prohibiterized. And…not valid in all states.

(Such as the state of confusion or unconsciousness)

Two: Don’t take my “advice”  from these blog postings to do anything that matters…..except entertain your fiends and family.

Three: Trusting the use of Phonics on this Blog will contribhughte to the awlready confusing diatribes.

Four: InnCorrect Spelling is grownds four beeing putt own “probation”.  “Probation” and the “Watch List” are fictitious never- never- lands to which I “banish” “offenders” for various and sundry infarctions. Part of the shtick is that I do the very things that I “banish” others for. (Such as ending a sentence with a preposition.)  Heee Heeee.

Five: The entire 7,200 page H.A.S. Charter , Rule Book, and Grocery list are stored under My Great Aunt Bertha’s dresser in the old homeplace. Aunt Bertha has final say on all disputes about anything……and she does what I suggest if I give her a ten dollar bill.

Six: My righting style will be dug up from the ash heap of digits a thousand years from now and referred to as “Hughroglyphics”.

Seven: The H.A.S. headquarters has three branch offices. One in “Gizzard Crunch” Kentucky. One in “Squeaky Cringe” Kansas. ..and the Central Main Big Shot Place in “”Frog Squat” Alabama. (Though we are in negotiations for a fourth branch in Rat Gulch Wyoming)

You are certainly welcome to comment with CLEAN, TASTEFUL , Entertaining responses!……I do  have great respect for decency and good taste and am a Christian FIRST…and an entertainer SECOND or third or fourth or somewhere down the line. As such I will try to maintain appropriate decorum.


P.S. I want thank Bobby for the term “Hughroglyphics”,  Suzanne for the Acronym “H.A.S.” ,  and Jeanne for the town named “Frog Squat”….All wonderful contribhughtions to the Hugh’s Answering Service cyberworld.

Bojo\’s Bounce (The Periscope Song)