From Mr. Hughy




Howdy Kebster:……………….

You are wise to be studying already,,

and depending on H.A.S. for answering

your questions regarding

intergalactic and terrestrial

weather phenomenaan and events….

and stuff.




There are several factoids that contribute

in various ways to snow falling. The initial

confibulation of intersreetiline crystalization

and molecular dibtwines set in motion a

juggernaut of reactions in the atmospheric vortex.

These then atriptifibble into a dubsplattine

metagripple and then turn into ice..





The reason that snow falls……………

is gravity.


If it were not for gravity,

snow would just stay where it is

originally. (which would make it hard to sled)…

Many scientists do not grasp the


of the situation….

Which is why we hear at H.A.S.

are constantly vigilant

(and watchfully paying attention).




You’re welcome ole buddy.


Teacher 1