Martha Louise Fumpridge is distraught this evening as she looks out the winnder and sees a Sasquatch playing a violin in her bird bath. She is distraught because she has left her smartphone in the car on the other side of the varmit. There’s no wiegh shes gonna get to the camera without running him off……And so she writes simply….dear Hughy, can you paint us a word picture of this event so that people will believe me and that this event can be preserved for posteritys?



Wellllll From Hughy


I think that painting a word pitcher of a

crosseyed-sasquatch wearing knickers and pla

ying Danny Boy in the key of eflat while

sitting cross legged in a mossy bird bath

is entirely too

difficult for me tood oooo.


Plus, their wood bee know point in it…..

Because we all know that what you saw was

contributed to by the placebos that you

are taking.


I warned you about this situation of overdoing that stuff.


Plus we all know that there is no such thing as

Sasquatches and Aliens.

In spite of numerous photos and first hand accounts

by credible people who have nothing to gain,

all ov er the known world.

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