Little Bunky Liverlip from the Waldorthf Castoroilia in Paris Tennessee writes Dear Hugh: I committed an infarction at school and the teacher told me to sit in the corner. Trouble is, we are part of a test school that was built in a perfect circle. Of course I’m frusterated, and Mrs. Sweatslinger is mad. She says she’s gonna call my mother….but Mommy’s cell phone hadnt worked right since she dropped it in the commode. The details of this are getting to me Mr. Hughy. Can you help?

Hugh’s Answering Service (H.A.S.)


From Hugh


Howdy Bunkster…..This is indeed a conundrum. Because I am real good at geography,..What I suggesterize is this……..Ask the teacher to plot a RADIUS across the Diameter of the School Premises….Now ..DO THE SAME again at a right angle to the first……..


This will create a Make-do corner in which you can sit. It should be in the center of the building. This location will allow you a good view of what all goes on around there. You can count on us at >H.A.S. to solve this junk Bunky. Have a good day.


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