Chrenshaw Tillmun couldnt write in on his laptop today with his question (due to a virus which precluded useage))….So he simply drove over to our Frog Squat Headquarters and slid ano te under the door………Dear Hughy, I know you addressed this a couple of years ago….but I dont remember it…Philopsophers and thinkers have pondered it over the centuries, Everyone from SO CRATES to Aristotle….to Fred Ziffle…… What is the meaning of fife?

From Meaningful Hughy.



Answering this is not just

whistling in the wind

my friend.

And that’s not the end….

Let me begin.


For the most part, these sorts of

things are understood….

The piccolo, the flute, the oboe,

the bassoon,

and the bagpipes…

are easy to understand the meaning

and usefulness of.

(Yes I ended on a preposition.)

Welllllllllll, not necessarily the bagpipes.

No one nose for sure what those things are

for needed.

(I didnt want to end on a preposition again.)


The meaning of FIFE,…

however  is a very difficult

assessment to make….

because you

can’t tune the thing

and nobody want to hear any song

on it that lasts over

twelve seconds or

doesnt sound like a

17th century call to arms.


I say get rid of all of em.

As soon as possible.



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