Shelby Winn Thumbly whom is an perspiring sanger in Ashville Tennesseessee writes…….Dear Hugh….How well do unidirectional microphones work?


From Audio Hughy



They don’t work at all

if you are trying to use one as a

boat paddle.


They dont work at all if you are

seeking to pry the lid off a

half inch thick steel shipping crate.


How am I supposed to know how well they work

if you dont tell me what you are using one four.?


I can’t reed your mind.


But lets assume you are using one


In the hopes that it makes you louder.


A unidirectional micorphone works good as

long as you are singing in the correct direction.

The problem is, you can’t tell until you’ve already

started….and then it’s two late.


What you can do is…..

Run around and around it and try to determine

at what spot you get the best

audience reaction…..


Get busy…and let me know how it goes.

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