Lenny Lou Pearman from Asparagus Ridge Vermont, crawls out from two large piles of asparagus cuttings and quickly types….Dear Hugh, you have been daily putting stuff on your blog now for over two years…….And it has changed my life. Before you started, I was doing real well….But once I beginned trusting you for advice, my hole life fell apart….In spite of that, I love your literarian rambling diatribes because I never did care much about accuracy on the subjects you address…….My question is this….What is your favorite POST?


Howdy Fred


Its hard to believe that it has been

over two yeers.

Except for the fact that

I keep up with it closely and it has

definitely been over two years.


In this two years..

I have addressed some of the most utterly outrageous

subjects ever to cross the pages of literati.


And I still get letters and smoke signal

messages from

people who are not all over the world,

regarding how my advice has

caused chaos in their lives….

I am so grateful for that.


My favorite post…..

The one that meant the most tomb ee

is the one that I posted

that day about

that stuff  that

they asked about

that morning from

that place over there.


Youre welcome.


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