Ingrid Tolstine Smith……Who drives a motorized unicycle in order to save on gasoline….(regardless of the personal risk to her health and wellb -eeing..)….Writes in today’s lackluster question……Dear Hugh, “I have a small business” ……..Why?


From Hughbert


Wellllllllll Ingrid…..

So that i could give you a better response

than your question actually deserves,

We had our satellite fly by your

Insect Taxidermy Location in Ontario.


The photos reveal that you are most certainly correct….

In that your business is in a building that is

only four feet square.

That is about as small a business as I have ever scene.


But I suppose that is all you knead

for four employees to stand and


butterflies and grasshoppers.



you have the business is a mystery tomb eeee.

Unless of course it is four tacks porpoises

oar az a FRONT four aye

FONIKZ Research pro ject.


Whats the deal with that absurd joint….

And is it funded by the US gubmint????????



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