In a startling display of lack of knowledge, Wampler Schmedley, who is a BISON counter from Wyoming…………Writes from his campsite, high in the Ande’s Mountain Range…….Dear Hugh…”What is the origin or origins of the common Phrase,,,”May I Be Excused?”


From Hughy


Howdy Wamp………..

As you know I am one of the

world’s leading expurts on

Phrasioligisitical  anomalies

and the bginnings of stuff like that.


So you have come to the right place….

To say the very very least…..


The Phrase “MAY I BEE EXCUSED”….

Replaced the Frase…

HEY!!!” I’ve Gotta Go to the Bathroom”


This happend in the fall of 1879 at a

Plumbers Cottillion Ball

at an Antebellum Mansion

at South Carolina’s Eastern Coastal region.


Once it happened and word got out….

The rest was history.


The only thing that really impeded it

catching on right

away was the simple fact that no one

had bathrooms at the time.


It was all outhouses.

And there were no OUT hOUSES


Because that just wouldnt be

linguistically workable.


Youre welcome.


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