In a shocking turn of events, we were visited today at the Frog Squat Headquarters of H.A.S…….By a group of disoriented rocket scientists…..(Generally, these types don’t get disoriented,….which is what makes it shocking)………Anyhow, they were needing some advice on how to calculate the eliptical decline line of a falling star when acted upon by the combined actuarial and geotimnical gravlimation of the earth and the moon, while in a geosynchronous orbit…….So I told em what they needed to do….as follows……



From Spacey Boy Hughy


Well ladies and gentlemen….

And distinguished various other

folks…….and guesseds


As we approach this subject,

the first thing to remember is that you

need to eat plenty of protein

and dietary fiber…

because this may take a while …

and we all need to be at our best.


Secondly,   Make sure you have a pencil…

No……make it TWO pencils.

And a couple of books of blank paper.


You will also need a pitcher of coofee…..

(Yes I said “coofee”)……..

Its a sppecial drinck for brain health.



Let’s get down to pacifics.


Step one…..


Step Two:

Recognize that know won kneads

two no this anyhow,

but if the gubmint will fund it

with other peoples money,




Step three…


Shes the one that nose the deet tails.

Your Walcome.

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