Xavier Ummer (who is seriously considering getting his named changed),………stopps fillinf out paperwork and steps ovr to the laptop and types and asks…….Dear Hugh, How is Aunt Bertha? I know how important she is there at teh Service and YET,…We seldom here from her….It is as if you seek to garner all the credit and endless accoladianal awards for the work that goes on their……Where is Bertha.? and Why dont you give her the credit she sew writefully deservers?

From Hguh….



You have asked two mini questions

fer me too deel wiff em all….

But let me say “this”.










Ok……….. There I said it.


Aunt Bertha is fine…..

(She put on a few pounds during June

but now is

exercising a lot and eating only

veggies that are baked into doughnuts)


Berthas Main problem is that she spends

weigh too much time watching

Auto repair and customization shows

on Cable.


And then spends the wrest of the day tweaking

the fuel oil mixture on her Chevrolet Monte Carlo

that is powered by twelve weed eater engines

that are wired in parrallell.


But overall …….she’s perfectly OK.

Thanks so much for your lack of interest over

the last few months up till now…..


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