Today here at H.A.S…………….We are fininishing the final steps of keeping ole Hughy relegated to virtual insignificance….I Bunky (Ironboy) Snodgrass have gained a tight stranglehold over the entire operation…Aunt Bertha is co operating…..and I have virtually finished all details of stealing Ole Hughburt’s identity. For all practical porpoises, I am now HIM, (except much younger)….This question comes pouring in today from Mr.Hughy himself………Dear Bunky, On each occccassssion that folks have stolen my identity, they have reaized within less than three daze, that they do knot want toob ee mee. It is much too confusig to normal folks. I predict that YOU TOO will realize the err oar of your weighs. the question is “WHEN”?


From Bunky


Well Mr. Hughy


I can forsee some issues arising with me

pretending to be you. (Buy the waay,

Forsseeeing anything at my age is tricky)


But Worry knot mr. Hughbert,

Your Answering Service Empire is in good hands…

At least compared to being in the hands of a Congressman.


Plus we are not loggin every phone

call you make or checking your emails!!!!!!


WHEN will I regret becoming you????????

Maybe when the utility bill comes in??????

wpid-IMAG0536.jpgWhere did I catch this one…….????


In the mouth.

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