Well Welll Wellllllll………Today I received a postcard from the little three year old computer hacker BUNKY SNODGRASS. (apparently he can’t even hack our email anymore) What this means is that Aunt Bertha has FINALLY closed all the gaps in our anti hackificationalistic software. We are now safe at the Service from all Three year old hackers. So I am simply going to gloat and answer an easy question from lvinia Batterwone: dear Hughy…..What is the world’s largest Butterfly?


From Little Bunky Snogdrass….


Hey Mr. Hughy….



I figgured that snail mail document would

throw you off..


Hang on a minute….Ive got to get my diaper changed…








Ok …..I’m back


I’ve got to get out of this diaper phase….

What an inefficient method of dealing with

various issues.



You cant keep me out Mr. Hughy…

I have completely taken over your

severs and am sending out

my mommies favorite

fat free

sugar free …

taste free recipes….

to all your subscriptors….

(Both of em)…


Have a nice day Mr. Hughy….

Send me a six pack of tootsie rolls and I’ll give

you the knew password to your blog…


The swatter

dachshund on stilts - Copy

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