Arnold P.Threadgulle’ from Dipstick Georgia (not near Atlanta)……rights, Deer Hugh….Is it possible to get fresh milk from a cow that’s is aged and bovinely geezerish…?


From Equestrian Expurt Hugh


What an Excellent question!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had thinked of it myz ELF.


Although I actually am considering not

thinkin up absurd stuff like that

in the future.


The answerisverysimple.

And it is NO.


Even milk that is drunk immediatlellyy after

its exit from such a bovine,…

Is old.

Thusly, it is very understandlble

why the consumption of such substii

would leave you feeling tired and worn out.


Whom nose how long that milk

has been in there



There is so much of this sort of thing I’d love to enlighten you about….

Health concerns and eteceterara……

But I must run.

Gotta go give a speech to

a group of disillusioned

Canasta Card Manufacturers.




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