Little Languid Laura Lillipotte….who manufactures curds and WHEY for Litte Miss Muffet……writes in todaze riveting inquiry…..Dear Hughy, Little Miss Muffet has a dry scratchy patchy itchy place on her face……it’s kinda red…..What should she do?…Is this being caused by Curds and Whey?…Or perhaps, Just curds? or….JUST WHAY…..And what are the imptications of your diagnostics..?


From Doctor impersonator Hughy.


Well Well Well…..

Did you say this was on the frontal portion

of her cranium…?

I guess we’ll have to



Normally I don’t do this…

But Im gonna make a

RASH decision.


Yes…I said it.

You had to know that was headed down the pike.


But let’s not stick our NOSE in other peoples business.

You’ve asked a question regarding someone else’s health


Which is not allowed here at H.A.S….


But, scents you got through the screening process….

One of the things I have found helpful for RASHES

Is to stick the affected region in a bowl of

kerosene for 15 minutes.


It may not stop the itch,…..

but your focus will change.

Getting the smell off of you

will keep your attention for a while.

Your Walcome.


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