Horatio Algonquin Plennder has been sending us questions hear at H.A.S for five years. (But we’ve only been open four two years) DONT ASK ME TO EXPLAIN WHAT HE”S TRYING TO PROVE)…….but be that as itm aye. He finally has bugged me enough that I fully intend to answer his question that came pouring inn twoday……….Dear Hughbert, Why do I listen to the the the the news?


From Unimforned Hughy



That is an excellent question…..

but watch it with the repetitive and redundant

overuse and verbosity of the word



People whom rambel incoherently

must be watched.

And you were dangerously clothes.


Now, There is a mystery as to

why people listen to the news….

First of all most of it is bad.


You cant do much of anything about most of the bad.

Thirdly, If you are just interested in the weather…






Wait aim innit…….!!!!!

Three reasons is good enough.

How much persuasion do you knead

to stop that

habit of news listenenin?



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