In a strange twist…..Today we received a question from an OAK TREE. (Don’t ask me how this came about)………..Dear Hughy, I have a reputation as a perty tough old tree,….but don’t worry,….My “bark is worse than my blight”. ………….. Anyhow I’m afraid of lightning. It is what it is Hughy. I can’t go in a basement or hide under a table. Just exactly what should I do?….And please Hurry up with an answer , I’m on my weigh to a BOARD MEETING.


From Hughy in a Hurry


First of all, we don’t useually take

questions from foliage factories..


But I am going to go out on a limb and

answer this for you


I am reaching into my TRUNK

to get some paper.


First of all, I have looked up some records on you.

I appears that you have been at that same address

for some time now.


And that you were struck by lightning

in 1982. Which means you can’t be

struck again.

Because lightning never

same place strikes in the twice.

(Or something lik ethat)…..


So you are safe.


According to the old saying.

(Which I have know reason

to believe is accurate.)


WELL Mr. OAK………DONT JUST STAND THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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