Twiggy Sheldon from Aardvark Ridge Maryland, writes ,…Dear Mr. Hughbert,…..What are the advantages of a ZERO TURN lawn mower..?

From mowboy Hughy. .


The zero turn mowers are the rage .

But mostly among people

with Very



narrow yards. .


When you purchase a lawn mower

that can’t be


or steered in any way,…

You better have a good eye

for aimin that rascal..

and hopin you don’t hit

any bumps or holes.


I’ll just be honest with you Twiggy.

The first time I used a zero turn mower

I ended up in the River.


All you’ve got to do is misscalculate

by a foctoid of Point Ohhh WON

degrease……and you’re liable to end up in Canada…

or in the Atlantic or Specific Ocean.


The fact that you have to go

straight all the time

realy realllly confuses the averagem

owero wner…..


Soo get a push mower and get busy.




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