Little “Bongo” Snodgrass (a four year old fromme Ulm Germany) writes ….Dear Mr. Hughy, In this day and time, it’s hard for me to know what day or time it is, because I can’t read yet. And both clocks I have are sundials that I keep under my bed. So you see my dilemma and you can imagine my scents of consternation. What should I do? .


From Timely Hughy



Your situation is grimme,….no dowt……

Eye think the best thing you can do is call the Meteroillogical TimeWatching Center in Grenich Icelandwhere they keep up with the time REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL CLOSE …


They claim they base it on the interplantenary

interpolation of the dibtwinian orbit

of the Sol R System.


At least thats what they claim…..

Frankly, I think they call my Aunt Edna on Tuesdays….

And just hope shes close to right on what time it is….

Shes got a sun dial like mine.

But she keeps hers outside.

And she has a cheap watch from the

discount store as a backup.


I would say call me if you need to

know the time reel badd…

But I don’t have a clue because my watch

doesnt have a battery in it…

It was damaged when I bought it.


Have a grate day….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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