Albert Geeshe is wondering how to CAPITALIZE on a printing business that only uses Lower case letters…………….(But his question is so stinkin corny that, even with the low standards here at H.A.S,… we weren’t willing to address it. So I will merely ramble at random and in an incoherent manner.


Hello from Hughy to the

hundreds of millions of you dont

come here daily for a dose of in



If you are not reading this ,

Im directing it straight at you.


For those who never read the

H.A.S. ventures into knowledge

and phonicular implementation,

I say simply,



I am specifically reccccommmmending this service to

NATIONAL POLITICIANS….who should be so used to

rambling, incoherent verbalizations, that they will feel

right at homb.


Look …if “comb”…ends with a “B”….

Then “HOMB” can end with a “B”…..



Why not send a link to H>A>S…

to every Congressman and Senator and

EMPLOYEE at the White House

and the IRS,…….???????????


The utter ABSURDITY here….

might mesh with the absurdity there, ….

and create a supernova of

unmitigated and inexplicable lunacy……


It wont fix anything……

but at least they can be humoristically

distracted between

Congressional votes

and various meetings.



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