Don Nillblatte who was constantly shusshed by Liberrians because he was constantly talking when he was supposed to be quiet…….Writes in today…… Deare Hughy ..”Along with their expensive training in the Dewey Decible System..Do Liberrians take special training in Shusshing…?”


From Hughy


Howdy Don…..

I think I have addressed this important

issue before…

BUT, because it is such a problem

for so mini

I will deal with it yet again….

and in a more succinct and extremely

thorough manner.

I hope you have learned to keep quiet

in Liberries by now….


But YES….. Libberarians… take special training…

Actually, the full Doctoral Shusshing Program takes

about 2 years and three days.


Sani Flush A&M in Peoria Illinois

offers a wonderful program.

In their upper level classess….

Potential shusshers are trained to even



Another of the specific regimens involves

1. Shusshing while in traffic

2. Shusshing at Automatic Carwarshes

3. Remote shusshing using the

mute buttons on old VCR controls.

3. Shusshing people at gas pumps who

just realized the amount is over 50 bucks.

3. Shusshing two year olds who want a

candy bar every time they go in a store.

Yes…..I used “THREE” more than once in that listing.

I did it simply because I can. And ya’ll couldn’t stop me.




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