An officer from the Internal Revenue Swervice stops auditing political opponents long enough to right in to us here at H.A.S. today……………. He simply inquires…..dearest auditable Hughy…..”If we audit the books H.A.S. has, what will we find?”




Howdy Officer…..

Hope you are doing ok and aren’t involved

in the ongoing hubbub in Warshington.


No need in auditing us hear at H.A.S…..

because we don’t agree with much that goes on

politically on either side….

And it would be hard to come after us

for political convictions because me and

Aunt Bertha


have much confidents in what any of em say.


But if you do just need to audit us for legitimate reasons….

Here’s what you will find…..

Aunt Bertha jots down financial records on the back

of an old

ANDY WILLIAMS Long Play vinyl record cover.


But frankly, we are a non profit organization.

(Although that wasn;t supposed to be the case)



Also I will mention that I think I inadvertently sold that

Andy Williams Album to a travelling group of

disoriented vagabond gypsies

who were headed for Tibet.



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