Elmo Willie Poonton Jr. has written in four separate requestez for an intervhugh with me and my staff here in FROG SQUAT today. I have summarily refused each one simply because I could and it makes me feel “in control”….Then I found out he was going to pay me 3,000 smackers for a fifteen minute chat. WHy didnt he tell me that up front?


From Hugh


WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

If I’m not miss Taken,,,,,,,,,,

I just asked myself a question,

which is completely out of line….

(although I’m not sure why)


I suppose that I can do this…WAIT….

Let me check the H.A.S. standards and

Pol Icies handbook.

Give me just a minute…..






I’m back………..

And the answer is NO.

I cannot ask myself questions.

I would change the rule, since I made the

silly thing in the first place

BUT ….their is a three day waiting period.

And I’m already in trouble.


By statute, I am required to put myself

on Probation.

This is a shocking development here

at the H.A.S. compound.


Outi nthefr onto fficeap owe

rgra bisun derwei gh.

Yes……………..this is the same pic…………..It was too good not to repost it.

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