Wanda Sue Shelbie writes in today to Hugh’s Answering Service. Hers’ was the only question that came in today. {Normally we have between 1 and 70,000 inquiries.} Dear Hughy, I love my mother and I want to cook her something special. Soooooo what is your favorite quick and easy recipe>>>>??????/


From Cooker Hughy



thanks for  turning to us for this

culinary querstion.


In today’s busy world, many Mammas

don’t eat like they should.

They don’t get the nutrition that

they need.


So you , must step into the lurch.


What I am going to reccccommmmend



Simply Bake three bottles of your vitamin pills into a Chocolate Cake.

Let simmer at 349 degrease.

Then slice it up into tiny pieces and put it back into the vitamin

bottles and take it like you were supposed to in the first place.


OR…….You can just eat a piece of chocolate

with each vitamin pill and



Another possibility is to cover your feet in  dirt and

sit out in the sunshine….

It broccoli can absorb vitamins from the soil….

I don’t see why you or your mamma can’t….



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