My Dear Mother Writes In today from her touchscreen, keytone, double accelerated, speach recogniton, read your mind Hughlett Plackerd Computer…… Dear Hugh, Please send me a Mother’s Day Card….Also, Please stop doing this silly Answering Service. It would be a great gift to me. It would make my day…Will you do it Son?……….


From Son


Hi Mom….

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BUT BUT BUT BUT MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you ask me to give up something

that means so little…

to so few!!!!!!!!!!!


Lot’s of mommies would be prowd to send their

chillen to skoowl and spend hunderds of dollars

on food….and then have em turn out to run an

answering swervice that makes fun of Fonics and stuff. .


Plus Im still in therapy dealing with

the fact that you and dad always

just took pictures of me that showed

the back of my head.


And then only hung the pics inside closets.


So much to consider here Mom…..

I love you so much…..However, sadly

I must continue my service to Hughmanity

but i won’t tell you Im doing it………


Love you MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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