Sumpy Quigmane who is a money launderer at the LOCAL LAUNDRY Matte……..Stops washing a ten dollar bill and writes….dear Hughy, I read your absurd posts from time to time…..and I must say, that I think you need some help…..In fact you need a lot of help…..Would you like for me to reccccommmend someone….?


From Helpless Hughy


Wellllll Sumpy,

I do need some help.

And you wood two , if you got

an average of 65,000 questions

per day……


If you think the wons I answer are corny,

You aught to sea the other 64,999.

(cause I only answer the best one.)


There are some crazy people out there.

For example, Im not gonna mention it but,…

Today, I got an inquiry from Salvia T …in Peoria

regarding how to House train a hedgehog.


First of all, knowbody actually

has pet hedgehogs anymower,

because they are usually untrustworthy

and  have been known to eat an

entire living room suit

in a single night.


Do you think Im gonna address something like that?

I say thee NAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But ..Youre write,…

Id o needs omeh elp.

I could use at least twelve full

time question answerers.

But whence am I gonna find somebody whom

knows the anser two all this stuff…




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