Update….!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a type GOOF in this post a few minutes ago when it hit the EMAIL airwaves……Im sorry Aunt Bertha didnt proof read it….(((((But shes still on a hunger strike…))))Hudson Calwisle from North Hentingblatt North Carolina calls our Toll Non Free Number and asks this brilliant and blatantly fraudulent and insincere question…….Dear Hughy….My SKIN IS still is dry even in the swimming pool. What should I do?


From Hughy


Well Harold…..

Our Surveillance photos inculcate

that your swimming pool is

dry as a powder house.


Thusly ,

My suggesterization to you is very simple….




Not only will your skin be wet

and (NOT DRY)………..

It will also facilitate the bouyant frivolity in liquid

which is often refffferrrred to as



Swimming is often the Stated reas

onforh avingas wimm ingpo ol.


Although , I suppose they could be used as

traps for catching rogue elephants.



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