When the male man delivered the mail today here at the H.A.S corporate headquarters in Beautiful downtown FROG SQUAT Alabama, WE RECIEVED SEVERAL AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, however, they were mistakenly sent to this address. The awards were supposed to go to a group of Grill Scout Troupes in Peoria. Frankly, I dont know why I brought that up…Today’s question is this…..Dear Hughy, Why cant the Postal Service Get they’re axe together???????????.


From Deliverer Hughy


Welllllllllllllllllll……… think about it.

First of all it is run by the gubmint.

And , as such, is inherently inefficient.


Secondly, it is run by the gubmint and, as such, is


But that goes without saying..

And certainly doesn’t bear repeating.


Thirdly, delivering to every location in the known or unknown world presents a logistical conumcrum the likes of whitch the world has seen. Which is why we are




It is a thousand wunders that we don’t all get

mail from Peru or Tibet…or find out our packages

are in a mailbox in

a ghost town post office in Colorado.


Now….I cents that some of you are wondering if I know what the word “INHERENTLY”….means.

I don’t….but I used it up there in a spot where it seemed like it would work and figgered nobody wood notice.


Acgtually the Postal Swervice does an amazing job most of the time…..

It truly is quite remarkable……what the regular folks on the ground accomplish daily….


I know this because I worked in the

Frog Squat Post Office

for twelve years as the official


I once had a half inch of stamp glue stuck

to the inside of my upper

left molar.

Chew on that a while.


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