Today there is a squirrel looking in the window from the patio here at the palatial headquarters of H.A.S. in Frog Squat……The squirrel is chattering and jabbering and may assume Im a nut. Who nose…..But As best i can tell, he is asking me this…….Where can I hide from the pollen, since I live outside and spend my day running through trees…?


From Squirrel Respiratory expert Hughy…


Listen Ole Buddy…….

Normally i dont talk to wild varmits.

Although I have spoken with some fairly wild PEOPLE.


I can symplathize with your plight,….

and not only that,

with your situation.


What I am going to suggest is

that you wear a

dust mask.

It is the most practical application

with the least invasive prognosticalism.


There is the possibility that you will hang

the elastic straps on a tree limb

and find yourself

hanging by your face from a sixty foot oak tree….


FROM ME???????????????!!!!!!!!!!


I do what I can….

I cant prescribe pills for you

because the FDA hasnt approved

em for rodent consumbtion.

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