Phil Chloro from Greene Wisconsin stops his job as a photosynthesis assessment observer….and writes it today……dearest Ole Hughbert….Did Old McDonald really have a farm?


From Synthetic Hughy


Howdy Phil…….

I bet in your line of work, that,




So, you just up and



Yes……. You do, and you know it…..


Now, on the issue of farm ownership

and legends.


It has been stated *ad nauseum* that Old McDonald

had an area of ground on which he had numerous and

various animals of sundry shapes and sorts.


Our records inculcate that McDonald

was not old.

And therein lies the first amalgamation..

he was only twelve at the time of his

initial possession of the stuff.

(So, from that point forward we find ourselves

seeking to overcome both skepticism and

vituperation as to whether or knot

to believe anything else about this outrage.)


One thing I know is…

that he doesn’t have it anymower….

due to losing it, in a battle with the IRS.

And, he never had a pig,

as was stated over and over.

Oink Oink Oink.


I never believed that assertion in the first place.


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