Welllll well welllllllllllllllllllll.,,,,,, today here at H.A.S. corporate headquarters in Frog Squat Alabama, we are hosting a tour group of interested parties from the American Institute for Excellence………..They were supposed to be heer two hours ago…(Should be here any minute). Among other things, We will be showing them our system of knowledge storage…..Which of course looks a lot like my cranium. In fact it is. I will just walk out and take my cap off so they can see it better. Also we will be showing them our personnellle department, which is a vast system of notes that Aunt Bertha glues to the East wall of her (stately and palatial) office out beside the outhouse. Which is outside out there somewhere………….But Since they havent showed yet…Hers a question that *just came pouring in*…..Dear Hughy, this is The tour bus driver for the AIE group, “Even though noob ody is coming but me, How do I get two the H.A.S. headquarters….I need to use your out house?

*That is a phraseological quote  from the great Jack Voorhies*


From Hughy


What do you mean How..?.

Can’t you drive the BUS over here….?

Just get in the silly thing

crank it up and come on over.


You will have to step on the gas pedal….and turn the steering wheel..

and step on the brakes at various times……



Whaddaya mean,…nobodies comin?

I thought there was a guy scheduled

to be on the bus?

I know ONE is a small group….

BUT we’ve done a lot of planning for this.

We’ve got dried prunes and sauer kraut

for thirty people…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just pick up whoever you can and come on over…….


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