The National Association of Answering Sevice Consortiums( and quality assurance in ansering) writes in today….. To Hughm it may concern……….. We are receiving reports that you are rambling incoherently and gratuitously not giving legitimate responses to your readers questions. We are watching you ..BUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you straighten up…..? And why does the word “Straighten” have a silent “g” and a silent “h” in it…..?

From Defensive Hughy


Hey Boys……….!!!!

Nah Nah………Nah …….

Nah Nah Nah….!


Can’t pin anything on me …..NO EVIDENCE.


Clearly, I answer each …(but not every)

question that I respond to.


Not to do so, would show my

ignormance and vississitude.


Which,…… not going to happen,

I have an image of intellectual prowess to maintain.

I am respected and sought out by LIBERRIANS….

and acmademics from the four edges of the earth..

….The Hughy Decimal Sytem is used worldwide by places

that store up books that hardly ever get read.


So….. Go take a CHILL PILL fellers……

You can count on me…..

Were are hear two hep.

…And we do…..

So why not go change the batteries

in your electric  pancake flippn spatula

and leave us alone hear at the Service..


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