Edna Snurgoode is desperate….and so we let her ask another question today…… (SOmetimes She has no wheres else to turn….)……..Edna writes simply, Dear Hughy, I saw Eric Flapton….playing a guitar with a FLYSWATTER. What is going on hear?



As you well know Edna,

this is not a big problem.

And I dont know what the

FLAP is all about….


As long as he is a member in good standing of

the SWAT TEam….


Playing the guitar. while properly armed

for killing insects has been an upcoming

trend for many many

days now.


Van Halen, Roy Clark, and IMIJ Hendlrix,

were all known at times to utilize the

ubiquitous FLY FLAP. Even Check Atkins and

Andre’ Segovia……..

Not to mention…____________________________


No, Im not gonna mention him. Just let it go….It aint happnin.


Playing a sink.......... Sooooooooooo!!!! What's so unusual about that...?

dachshund on stilts - Copy


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