Shep Toomey irracibly writes in today quite non innamerred with yesterday’s lackluster post here at H.A.S…..He is also upset that sometimes the daily post shows up twice in his email…..and wants an explanation for that … well as why there were no pictures on a post several daze ago……BUT…. Mainly, he asks….How does the State Road Department Get Wild Deer to Cross at Designated Deer Crossings?


From Helpfful Hughbert


Howdy out there in Blogosphere World…..!

I must say I don’t know why the post occccassssionalllly

comes out twice….

It aggravates me for it to show up in MY EMAIL TWICE….

And I dont know why it sometimes does that????

I suspect it is an imperfect digitalizationalism somewhere

Or perhaps the signal hit a bird and split into TWO parts

and went to two different transmission towers …?????


ALSO…I don’t know why the pictures I

attached yesterday didnt come through…….

Although I did notice on of em stuck to

my cereal cabinet door in the kitchen.

I guess I shouldnt post stuff from that room…

Apparnently, things cant get through the

cabinets down there..

It is also possible that I hit the wrong button

and made what they call “a MISTAKE”…..

SURELY KNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have read about that happening with other people. this MISTAKE thing.


Now about the deer……..

You must have heard that silly joke going

around the internet….

And it is much too ridiculous for me to address it hear….

Doesnt meet our standards for NON CORNY NESS.




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