Emily Stachwick is distraught. ……very distraught……and wisely seeks solace and information from H.A.S. …Dear Hughy, I have always been leery of mice and other vermin. But I have a two year old grandaughter whom is a fan of MINNIE MOUSE. How she can constantly run around with a huge mouse is a mystery…..I do not trust meeces or mices (or whatever you call em in the plural cents)…What do you know about the background of Minnie Mouse?…..Was she involved in Watergate and Richard Nixon as many peeps have suggested over the years?


From Historical Mice Behavior expurt Hughy



(Now Panic,….!)

Now calm down again……..


Ok……….. Heres the deall…………..

Minnie Mouse was indeed accused of various axe

of malfeasance during that sordid time in American

governmental historicity.  But……SHE


and never did any hard time at Alcatraz.


Minnie cannot be trusted….AND WE ALL NO IT…..

But they were never able to pin anything major on her….

Because, every time she was called to testify,

she would crawl inside the wall and hide

till the heat died down..


I say set out some traps…..

and get rid of the rascal.


But dont tell the grand youngun what happened.

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