Mildred P. Stubblefield IV ……….Who is writing in today to H.A.S……………Keeps doing what she’s doing and finishes her thoughts in high Teck digital floormat……..Howdy helpful Hughy!!!!!!!! I love the computer age and the digital floormat that allows us to share and gain knowledge so quickly and handilliy…….With all the digits flying through the air, why do we not get hit by any of em?


From Up on Floormats Hughy


Well Milly……….. This is a valid concern.

The complex fact is simply this…..



Most people are not allergic to digit strikes.

Some peeps ,however, are very sensitive to such

moving objects.

For example,  Sammy Snurgoode from

Grumpers Whine Kentucky…..

has to wear a LEAD and Plutonium

composite Leisure Suit to protect his self

from digits and exceedingly frequent emails

Frying through the AIR at the speed of lite.



The plutonium is inherently dangerous…Use only as directed.


Some headaches and My Graines…..

are causated by and contributed

two from digit impact on the cranium area.


I once saw a winnder in our kitchen get blowed out,

when my wife sent a group email about a used anvil I had

bought for my shop.

(I suppose HEAVY TOPICS do mower damage.))))

By the way, that anvil was in good shape…everything on it worked great.

And it was still under warranty.


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