Manfred Namm’s Mirth Band (the whole group) from the back door of an auditorium in Lester’s Gulch, Oklahoma writes…. Hey Ole Hughbert, Tonight at our gig, we were requested to do a song comprised totally of quarter rests and two dotted half rests….. with ONE BIG TIMPANI Strike at the end. There were only three pages of sheet music …..Our bass player can’t read music, (but he can read the numbers on a gas pump)….anyhow, we decided to try it…..but got lost at the end. And it all just fella part. We were embarrased and the crowd was persnickity. (Yes I said “PERSNICKITY”)…..What should we do to regain our lack of credibility?


From Noteboy Hughy


Howdy to the Mirth Band. (the whole group)!

First off,  Your reasoning and question don’t make

narry a bit of cents…..


I assume you are asking me how to

REGAIN YOUR Credibility…..? (or street credd)


Yes, I’m hip….. I know what that is….


Regaining your street credd after a debacle like you are

describing is indeed a knightsmare……

(using a little Elizabethian lingo there)

LIBERRIANS will know what it means.


What I suggest in such a case….

Is to try the song again in a public for em.

Put mower feeling into it….and,




You will either inpress ,,,,or depress the assembled

masses of onlookers.

At which time you will quickly discern whether or

not you made any progress..

Please feel free to not let me know how this goes…….

THOUGH I would like to have a recording of the song

((((((((Without the timpani strike…..)))))))))))

I never have liked timpanis….. Or Eflat TUBAS



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