Edward Waddinton from Keepa Fork Kentucky uninstalls Windows 98 from his computer and writes….Dear Hughbert…. I take your advice very seriously, (which may be why I’ve got an appointment with a SHRINK at 3 oclock today)…but I digress….. My actual question regards Honey Bees….and Apiary Science….. ..Given their mobility (and the fact that they can fly) of the common HONEY BEE……. How can someone accurately assert that their HONEY is LOCAL HONEY…..?


From Bee Boy Hughy


Howdy Eddie……

It’s good to sea you finally moving

away from Winnders 98….

I think it was was wise….

You will really enjoy

Windows Millineum edition.




Now………it just so happens that I have

kept beez. In fact I got the Hives one time.


Bees are indeed mobile……Real mobile…..

I had one that flew over the cookoooz nest…

and had a movie made about it…


BUT…..BEES, in a recent 400 million

dollar government study, dont average

travelling over 1 mile in any direction….

Largely due to the simply fact that they

get tired and depressed over us taking

their honey away.


But……..It is what it is and there’s nothing worse

than a whining bee.


So, in point of fact……..

Bees, though they are moving around….

Aren’t really going all that far…..

Which kinda takes the

sting out of any possible laws suits as to

regarding false adverti

sments on the “Local” Bit……


You’re welcome……

Now reboot that computer and enjoy your new operating system.



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