Bradley Horatio Ellllery IV from a circus tent in Pencilcola Florida writes….Raed yhguH…… What are the appropriate steps in teaching an elephant to type and use a computer and surf the web…?


From Pachydermist Hughy


Howdy  Bradley ole pal……

I see you actually did run away with

the circus when you grew up,

(just like your aunt Beatrice said you would).


Frankly Bradlee, I expectorated you to join the

Foreign Legion and move to Katmandu….

But then, what do I know….? All I know is, ever since the time you

Velcroed your second grade teacher to a moving van

(that was going to Peoria)…

You’ve been a real pain.


Now……… this “elephant ordeal”……

Teaching a pachyderm to type and surf the web is the same as

teaching any varmit to do it….

First they’ve got to learn their

HOME ROW KEYS on the Keyboard.

What do you want em to do, use the




Surely KNOT…………….


Then they’ve got to open a browser

and type in a search term….and hit GO


Just because they are big doesn’t mean

they get special privileges……


Ephelumps often like to get on EBAY…..

and the stuff they order is BIG.



So i recccommend blocking em from

certain sites and puttin

a credit limit on em right off the bat.


You can’t get an elphehant to do squat to get a bad credit rating straightened out.


Your Walcome.



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