Little Freddie Flumpp from Worcestershire Maine jumps out of his high chair and quickly writes (in CURSIVE)….Dear Mr.Hughy…….I’ve been watching the news. I’m worried. I’m worried about our power production capabilities in this nation. “Cause we are shutting down some of them plants that burn black rocks that come outta the ground…….. What are you doing to help solve the problem?


Howdy from Hughy


Howdy Fredhead!!!!!!

Thanks so mulch for asking this important querstion that illucidates the ongoing need to provide adequate power sourceages for the ongoing needs of the ongoing lives of the people who keep going on and on.


Fortunately, We here at H.A.S. are way ahead of the curve on this ordeal. We knew years ago that the gubmint wasnt gonna display any marginally sensible solution to this conuncrum. At this time in history, Going Completely Green, is an excellent way to not have a car to drive or enough power to run a dishwasher. Simply because the technology to burn broccolli in a automobile engine……remains elusive. (SO FAR)


Though, HOPEFULLY , someday


can be the actual POWER PLANTS,

instead of the ones that have to burn black rocks

and household garbage.


The  plan we’ve been working on involves..




This will work hand in hand with hands all over the country…..

Especially if we can get people who work outside to wear em.

There are still some bugs we’ve got to work out…..

and there are solutions..

But right now..

I cant PUT MY FINGER ON ’em……

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