Dr. Petre’ K. Sheschmire from a lab in Toledo Ohio, pulls his nose out of a test tube and writes……..Dear Hugh…..You are world renown in the filed of biochemistriculine fiberositissem…. Did you know that?…and If I may follow up…..What are you now recccommending as the best way to obtain the daily reccccommmmenderized allotment of dietary fiber and such stuff as that.?


From  ole fiber-boy hughy…

Well……… Doc….

As most of those who are wise enough to read

the daily H.A.S posts know,

I have addresssed the fiber issue on a regular basis.

..recognizing that it is crucial to the health and wellbb-

Eeeeeeing of the readership.


Such is the importance of this issue…that I am convinced that some bad situations have been instigated by those who were not getting enough fiber and therefore suffering the consequences of such a situation….such as being irritable etc.


If you take a world leader who is not

getting enough fiber,

and then ask him or her to

make a good decision,


because they don’t feel well in general…….

( Or even if they are not a general…)

Military rank doesnt really change this situation all that much.


But to answer your question………

I still maintain that the best source of fiber is

Eating one small tree per week.

Starting at the root.

and finishing the week on the

leaves at the very top.

Hickory and Elm are the very best….

but are more expensive …

and PINE will do in an emergency.

Cedar will work …

but your breath will smell like an

heirloom Hope Chest.



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