Earline Shammer, from Buzzard Gulp Kentucky, stops knitting a tootoo for her cousin Edwinian,……and writes “Dearest…Ohhhhhhh Dearest Hughy…..I am in twubble. Bigg Twubble!……… I’m taking a continued education coarse at SaniFlush A&M this sequester and, in my Geometry Class they are asking me to prove some theorums….. I don’t know how to test em…and prove em…and check em and validate em….. What on earf am I gonna do?


From trapezoidinal Hughy…..


Look Earline…….

I have tried and tried to help with this stuff

and faciplitate educational opportunities for all the

reeders of H.A.S.


I thought  I had dealt with this

ONCE..and for MOST

about nine months ago….

but you may be a new subscreyebber to the Service..


For decades the school system has been asking

kidds to prove these theorums.

If they aren’t proved by now,



If the sum of the two angles opposite of a hypotenhughs don;;t add up to A plus B equals SEE by now,………It aint ever gonna happen. And I might add that Pie times the square Roof of the circumtance of a trapezoid is really not the big deal that they make it out to bee.


I know the answer,…but I cant give it out FREE. I went to so much trouble figgerin it out,…that I charge 5 dollars per solution.




They aught to check that stuff out to make sure

it works before they start teachin it to munchkins.

What on earf???????? .


And , while I’m at it……

the study of history is completely out of control.

I barely could learn all that history

when I was in school…

And, there’s a lot more history now than

there ever has been.


It just keeps piling up…

and is completely unmanamgeable now.

So, I suggest just studying PART of history….

and narrowing it down to

one side of the earth or the other….


(((((((Now hold it a minute you younguns out there that are reading this.

This is a serious note from ole Hughy….

Take your schooling seriously,..Studying these things

helps you learn to discipline yourself and to think and reason

and HISTORY helps you gain insight into

patterns of human behavior that continue to repeat themselves.

We need to learn from others mistakes and successes.

It is crucial that you use your opportunities for education wisely.)))))))

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