Do not read this post. I repeat…..Do not read this post…..I repeat…do not read this post. Hey Hughy!!!!!!!,….Are you reading this post? Against directions? Why do you knot follow directions?……Hey Hughy, My name is Randy Jabber, and I’m a hot air balloon pilot in Quatawamba Illinois…… I’m running out of hot air and my balloon is slowly sinking to earth……Where can I get a reef ill…?


From Inflation Ecomnomist Hughbert


Hey Randy,…….


…. I’m the man in the moon..


But let’s assume that you actually are…

just for the sake of assuming.

The highest concentrations of hot air are found in

A……Washington D.C.

B.  ….Washington D.C.

C……..Washington D.C.


D……Some Philosophy Classes on Some College Campuses.

If you are needing the most hot air

as quickly as you can get it,

there is no doubt that Washington

is your geographometric region of choice.


The concentration there is so dense that, you can stock up for two years with enough atmospheric heat to fly you to the nearest LUNAR surface…..And STILL have enough heat built up to cook a SWANSON TV dinner to a CRISP.


Use only as directed….


BUY THE WEIGH, Some have said that

If you can get anywhere near me or


you could also get a fairly good batch of hot air……..

But that is just a rumor.


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