Rumplestillskin, (who is wide awake,…due to having drunk three cups of coffee before he tried to take a nap)……… Jumps over to the keyboard and types this important question to the only place he knows of that might possibly no the answer…..dear Hugh: Since you are a man whom has been married for over thirty years, I knead and value your advice on maximization of male/female communication…,….What is the best way to thoroughly and completely understand the Female of the Humanoid Species…?


From Knowledgeabel Hughy…


Excuse me… Mr. Stillkin……

I’m having some troubl with my

reception and interpolation system

hear at the Service today….

It must be an electronic problem

and I am really unable to read your



As best I can tell, you  were asking me for

an accurate treasure map to the hidden

riches of Pirate de’Black Beard in the vast

reaches of Eastern Boldevia’s dreaded



There is a limit to what we can do here at the service….

But that shouldn’t be a problem,

(as long as you send us 99$ plus tacks….)


Im sorry I couldnt understand your

question due to our technological


We answer some tough tough questions here.


One of the questions we get asked the most

by our male readers is

“How is the best way to thoroughly and completely understand

the female of the humanoid species?”


Whiiiiiiiiiiiile I certainly do know the answers,

I’m too busy right now working on my new series

of books that address this important topic.

Just be extra thoughtful

and treat em special !!!!!…..


I will soon be releasing my definitive work

“Hughy’s Helpful

Female Figgering Out Techniques

Volume One”.







WHAT DID HE SAY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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