Kammly Carlisle , a Parrot trainer, from Willodean Wyoming stops a session in which she is teaching an African Gray Parrot to SCUBA Dive and writes…… Dear Hugh: I try hard not to get involved in STEREOTYPING. I really do………. But I’m not sure how I’m doing, because I don’t know what it means…… What is the origin of the word STEREOTYPE….? And what are it’s impications…?


From Parrot Boy Hughy……


PARROT TRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How utterly neato…..!

I once had a parrot that could

walk a tightrope

while juggling three Swanson  Lowfat

TV dinners and singing

Frank Sinatra’s Version of Moon River

in the key of A flat.


But he got tired of it and eventually ended up singing

three chord blues tunes for free bird seed

at a discount pet store…..in Peoria.


But I digress………………


The word STEREOTYPE originally refferrrred to situations in which there was a typist on the left side of the office…and a typist on the write side of the office….. And the awful pounding racket of manual typerighters was heard literally in STEREO.


A lot of recordings were made of such goings on and they all eventually “sold well under a million copies”.


Now the word is often used to mean whatever politicians and societal critics want it to mean in order to accomplish whatever changes they are after at the moment. Which is sometimes worthwhile……..


….and sometimes as nutty as a


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