Little Bunky Snodgrass hacks into H.A.S. again today. Bunky is the worlds youngest computer hacker.( He is TWO years and 5 months old and has Hacked into H.A.S. twice in the last week.) He writes….”Hey Mr. Hugh, THIS IS BUNKY AGAIN…! I’m on my mommies new Firewad Pentium Seven Bammo Jammo High Powered Macky Window Jump Jet Sooper Dooper Winnders Ate………Desktop Computer. And, as you can see, I have easily permeated your Aunt Bertha’s anti-hacker software program. My question for you today is this….”What is the best way to protect a computer from hackers and viruses”???????? Heeeeeeee Heeeeee HAWWWWW!


From Disilutioned Hughbert







Obviously, you are a little munchkin that is in

knead of some adult guidance.

When I was your age, my mommy wood have

provided me with a learning opportunity

in no uncertain terms.

And once, I was able to sit down again,

I would have know longer been hacking

into answering services.


Though, frankly, the only HACKING we could do

back then was if we had a bad COUGH

or were trying to cut down a small tree

with a pocket knife.


We have updated our

anti juvenile delinquent software…..




But to answer at least part of your querstion,……

The best way to not catch a virus from a computer is to

WARSH YOUR HANDS after using one….

And to periodically runnnnnnnnn your laptop

through a cycle in the dishwarsher. (GENTLE CYCLE)

Computer keyboards are nasty little varmits.


In fact , now that I think about it, I believe I see a bacterioid on my “R” key right now….. I will simply strike it with a hammer….

A good whack with a solid object can kill many many types of viroids.



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